• Monique Renewed

When Life Comes to a Full Circle

You would never think that your obedience to God will land you in a space where it feels like you are moving backward, physically, emotionally, and spiritually…until it happens.

Imagine the humility that Joseph probably felt when he boasted about the vision God gave him only to end up in prison for NOT sinning.

I remember when God was first revealing His vision for my life, I became so excited that I blabbed about it to people unnecessarily.

God checked me afterward through a sermon by Steven Furtick called “The Danger of a Dream.” He said,

“When you get a picture developed by a professional, they don’t post it 10 seconds afterward.”

When God gives you a vision, it takes time to develop.

Most importantly, He is trying to develop you through the vision.

You need the fruit of the spirit to handle the promise God gave you, otherwise you will not be able to manage.

Doing what God asks you to do can appear to cost a great deal especially when you do not see the fruit of your labor immediately.

I was often angry, bitter, and full of regret. I laid in between the confusing space of trying to maintain gratitude and being resentful. I

felt like I looked stupid to others who were in opposition to the vision I believed God showed me. I think Joseph can relate.

I often have to remind myself of what God has already blessed me with things such as health, family, support, and other provisions.

When you get a vision from God about your life, remember the journey to get there might not look what you thought it would in your head. That is okay, it will achieve exactly what it was meant to achieve.

I think the main point of life is trying to get back to God’s original intent anyways.

Humanity was walking in wholeness in the garden until that one mishap.

Everything in between Genesis and Revelation is a journey of God bringing us back to Himself.

So, if your life looks like you did a full 360, do not be alarmed.

Perhaps God is getting you to that place where you are growing and maturing spiritually.

It might be God’s way of bringing about His original intent.

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