• Monique Renewed

DIY Bible Tabs From Your Planner

I recently bought a new Bible and was in search of some Bible tabs. The cheapest on Amazon cost about $5, which is not bad but some of the reviews mentioned that the quality was not the greatest. I previously used sticky flag strips to tab my Bible and that was not the best idea. So I began to think, "What can I use that I already have?" My planner contains paper that is similar to cardstock, making it the perfect idea for DIY Bible tabs!

If you just want something quick and easy then I would suggest purchasing Bible tabs that you can easily install. This is time-consuming but I enjoy these types of crafts because it is therapeutic to me. It took a few hours in addition to recording a video but it was well worth it. Most of the supplies I already had. I just needed to purchase some double-sided tape and a glue stick. Below you will find the supplies you will need, written instructions, and a video tutorial. Best of all no printer is required!


  • Bible- I have the Thomas Nelson NKJV Study Bible Full-Color Edition. Purchased from Amazon

  • Planner- The planner I used came from Ross and it's called Create 365, The Happy Planner. It includes thick paper similar to cardstock.

  • Gluestick- Purchased from Dollar Tree

  • Tape- Dollar Tree

  • Double-sided Tape- Dollar Tree

  • Mailing Label Stickers- Dollar Tree

  • Scissors

  • Planner Stickers- The Happy Planner Girl from Ross

  • Marker- I used a calligraphy pen

  1. Pull the specific papers that include the months out of the planner that are no longer in use. Peel off the monthly stickers and cut out the side tabs. Trim off excess.

2. Use the tab you just cut out to measure more tabs that will but cut out from the paper itself. You need 66 tabs for all of the books of the Bible. You can also cut out two extra tabs for the index and concordance or any other sections.

3. Peel a mailing label, cut out the appropriate size, and stick the labels on the front of the tabs. Some tabs include enough white space where this will not be necessary.

4. Use the mailing label or planner stickers to cover up the back of any tabs that have markings from the planner.

5. Use the marker to write the names of each book on the tabs. I wrote the entire name on the front and the abbreviations on the back. Be mindful if you have different sized tabs that shorter ones should be used for short book names, and longer tabs should be used for longer names. Place stickers on any blank areas of the tabs to decorate.

6. You have the option to seal the names using clear tape or Mod Podge for a glossy finish. I noticed that when I used the Mod Podge, the writing smeared. I ended up covering the writing of each tab front and back with tape so it would not smudge.

7. Take a piece of double-sided tape equivalent to the length of the tabs and cut a thin strip vertically (about 1/3 of the strip of tape). Place the tape on the back of the tab along with some glue from the glue stick

8. Place the tab on the edge of the appropriate book. The first tab of Genesis will be placed at the very top. Cut a piece of tape and place it on the bottom of the tab connecting to the page for extra security. Place the next tab of the following book in a descending manner. Keep following this pattern until all the tabs are installed.

That's It! You are all done. Simple and cheap. If you do not have a planner that includes cardstock-like paper, then I am pretty sure that are other creative ways to do this such as using divider tabs or index cards! Use your God-given creativity and I am sure it will turn out great. Be sure to watch the video for a visual, in-depth tutorial.