• Monique Renewed

How Come God Does Not Prevent Tragedies and Allows Human Suffering?

I’ve wrestled with this question more times than I can count. Why did God allow me to get abused as a child? Why did God create us in the first place only to suffer? Why doesn’t He prevent bad things from happening to people?


If we take a look into why God allows certain things to happen, we have to dive into free will and the love of God. Love has to be a choice in order for it to be truly love. You cannot force love on someone and call it love. That means God gives us free will. We can choose His love and follow His ways or reject Him. Let’s go back to Genesis where evil, suffering, and destruction were introduced. God gave a command to Adam and Eve. Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This command was protection for what is to come.

The serpent aka Satan tested their faith in God. He is the initiator of evil, suffering, and destruction in this world, not God. Because of God’s sovereignty over everything, we automatically place the blame on Him when things go wrong. God is the epitome of good. Although He did not cause your suffering, He will use it for His good purposes and to purify your faith. Satan uses suffering to destroy your faith in God. How many times do we suffer and think God must not love me, God must not exist, or God must not care? If you have not realized already there is a spiritual battle between God and Satan but we already know who wins in the end.

To Love Him Means We Obey His commands

John 14:15 “If you love me, obey my commandments”.

His commands and our obedience to His commands are preventive measures. Do you think that if everyone followed the ten commandments today that the world would be in the shape that it’s in now? Often time things happen in my life and I’m like “God, why didn’t you prevent that?” I reflect back later to the situation and I find out that He did try to prevent it from happening. Humans naturally just do not listen to God. He may give revelations to certain people or speak to people through His Holy Spirit in order to give instructions to someone else but sometimes we just don’t listen. God primarily works through people. His commands and our obedience to what He says are preventative measures for our suffering.

God was not Exempt From Suffering

God came to earth in human form and suffered through rejection, pain, and murder. But it had a purpose. He suffered to give us life. Suffering is an inherent part of living in this world. We suffer a little now compared to the great reward ahead of us. God promises us rewards that will more than make up for the sorrow and heartache that we experience now. Those who suffer along Christ will also reap in the benefits of choosing Him. Remember…

Romans 8:28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Satan means it for harm but God will use it for good.

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