• Monique Renewed

How to Overcome Peer Pressure

Hey Sis,

I know at one point in time you’ve been influenced to do something you did not want to do because we’ve all been there.

It can be really difficult to say no to people and unfortunately, this habit can carry on into adulthood.

The reason why we succumb to peer pressure so much is either because we desire to feel loved, needed, and accepted or we fear missing out on certain experiences.

Peer pressure is the very same tactic Satan used on Eve to get her to eat the forbidden fruit.

He convinced her that somehow, she was missing out on something that God was withholding from her.

Job 38:36

Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?


What is Peer Pressure?

Peer pressure is the tug of war you feel in your soul to get you to do something you know you should not be doing.

  • It’s how the serpent got Eve to eat the fruit

  • It’s the reason why Peter denied Jesus 3x

  • It’s why we feel the need to be our inauthentic selves

Reasons Why We Fall into Peer Pressure

Why do we fall into peer pressure time and time again even when our intuition, gut feeling, or conviction says “no”? It’s because we are human.

We can also...

  • Have a desire to feel loved, needed, and accepted

  • Have fear of missing out

  • Lack confidence

  • Care too much about what people think

As a teen, you may find it difficult to say no to your friends when they try to convince you to do something you know you should not be doing.

I promise you that if you do not learn how to overcome now, it will become increasingly difficult as you get older.

As an adult, I catch myself not speaking up in certain situations or allowing things to happen because I was afraid to say no. I almost always regret it.

This is also a symptom of people-pleasing when you deny yourself and God to please others.

In the end, it is not worth it because if something bad or tragic happens as a result, you can be held liable for your actions or inaction.

There are countless examples when saying no can prevent consequences such as trying drugs for the first time then driving home and getting into an accident or having sex when you’re the only virgin in your friend group then accidentally getting pregnant.

How to Overcome Peer Pressure

Change the Way You Think

A biblical example of someone who fell into peer pressure is Peter.

When people started confronting him about knowing Jesus, he denied it (Matt 26:69-75).

He also stopped eating with the Gentiles once his Jewish friends came along in order to avoid judgment (Gal 2:11-13).

Peter, like us, was afraid of what people thought of him.

The key to overcoming peer pressure is you have to stop caring about what other people think!

This is a mindset change.

If you literally have to practice in front of a mirror for how you are going to say no, then do it.

You have to be the person God made you to be instead of conforming to how others want you to be.

This is how we lose our identity because we spend so much time trying to please others, as a result, we lose ourselves.

Tell yourself every day that you are already accepted, loved, and validated by Christ, therefore you do not need to succumb to others telling you to do things that you know you should not be doing.

Once this truth is embedded in your mind and you find yourself yet in another compromising situation, God will remind you through your intuition. Follow that conviction sis.

You have no idea how much influence you have. Because you said no, guess what? Your friend next to you now feels more comfortable to also say no.

…But if you give in to peer pressure, you have the protentional to lead others astray because nobody wanted to be the odd one out.

Examine Your Peers

If you have a group of friends who are always drinking, doing drugs, partying, having sex then you may want to stir clear. You are the average of your friends.

Listen to Your Parents, Mentor, or a Trusted Adult

You might think that adults do not want you to live your life, but sometimes that is not the case. We have already lived life and know how it goes.

We have the wisdom because of our own experiences and are trying to save you from some heartache and pain.

If a trusted adult is trying to give you some good advice, take it.

God gave us the instinct to be able to distinguish right from wrong.