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Should Christians Believe in Astrology?

Zodiac signs, horoscopes, and astrology.

These are seemingly fun innocent ways to understand ourselves and others, but what does the Bible say about these things?

Unless you live under a rock, you pretty much know and probably used astrology as a tool to identify yourself, describe certain characteristics, and give a reason as to why you behave the way you do according to when you were born.

Some people are completely loyal to horoscopes due to it seemly accurate readings while others could care less.

Before my relationship with God, I was very interested in astrology.

I would pull up my birth chart and enter information down to the time I was born!

It all got pretty complicated once it starts going into moon signs and all the other planets.

I even went to a psychic to get my palm read! She pulled tarot cards to tell me about my future.

By the way none of the things she said came true.

I think we are all looking for a supernatural experience, sometimes in the wrong places.

So, is it okay for Christians to dabble in astrology, horoscopes, and zodiacs and still be in right standing with God?

I am just going to blatantly say no and here’s why...

It is considered idolatry place your identity, hopes, dreams, and destiny into the stars, planets, sun, moon etc.

God created all of these things. Why are we worshipping created things instead of the Creator?

Why not go to God directly to find out more about yourself?

I often see horoscopes being used as an excuse for poor behaviors that people refuse to change about themselves.

For example, people will say “oh I’m emotional because I’m a Cancer.”

No sis, you are emotional because you have healing that needs to be done stemming from trauma in your childhood.

Or “I just prideful because I am a Leo.”

No, it’s not because you are a Leo, it’s because you need to learn humility.

All of the characteristics that certain signs share can be exhibited in other people that are NOT that sign.

You can meet an emotional Capricorn and you can meet a prideful Virgo.

You’ll even see some people have this “I was born this way so I can’t change” attitude.

This is completely FALSE!!

When your identity is rooted in Christ, you can change.

He renews you mind and spirit thus renewing your behaviors and transforming you into a brand-new person.


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