• Monique Renewed

Should Christians Listen to Secular Music?

Let’s get down to the basics.

What is secular?

Secular- Relating to worldly activities or not relating to the church, religion, or spirituality. In this context, it is referred to as non-Christian.

A lot of things we do or partake in are technically secular such as movies, TV shows, schools, etc., Not everything we do is related to the church, God, and Jesus, and that’s fine.

The Power of Music

Here are 3 key verses in the Bible the explain the impact of music.

1. Music has a direct influence on spirits.

Have you ever noticed some Christians say to play gospel music to chase away demons or Satan?

1 Samuel 16:23

And whenever the tormenting spirit from God troubled Saul, David would play the harp. Then Saul would feel better, and the tormenting spirit would go away.

2. Music can help you focus so you can hear God more clearly.

Ever hear a song that just ministers to you? Or maybe you feel like God purposely wanted you to hear a particular song because He had a message for you?

In 2 Kings 3:15-16, Elisha used a musician so he can hear God more clearly.

Sometimes when your mind is filled with junk, it is difficult to hear God clearly (Click the link if you want to learn how to hear God's voice.)

3. Music is a way to release what is truly within a person

If you read the book of Psalms, it is full of songs that David wrote. It describes his life and what he went through. It is very raw and expressive.

Music comes from the depths of your soul. It displays an array of emotions and is very influential.

Be Mindful of What You Listen to

All the emotions that a person is going through, you will start to feel it too when you listen to their music. It is human nature.

We want to relate and empathize with people and often take on their emotions.

Let’s take a look into how our brain works when things are repeated in our heads over and over again.

Constant repetition with words like the lyrics in a song starts to create a large neuron pathway in the brain.

What this means is the more we listen to something the more dominant that thought


This in turn affects your actions because your thoughts influence how you feel. How you feel influence your behavior.

Now Let’s Relate That With music

I had a dream recently that I was in my vehicle with a few people. One individual, in particular that was sitting in the back passenger seat was the singer Tweet.

All of a sudden, her song “Oops (Oh My)” starts playing on the radio. I started speaking to the people in the car and said,

“Her song is playing on the radio and y’all didn’t even notice she is sitting right there!”

I was singing along but something felt off. It didn’t feel right.

I woke up.

This song has been in my head a lot recently ever since it was featured on a particular show I was watching. All these years I assumed the song was about hooking up with another man (not that that’s any better).

This one particular lyric kept playing in my mind after I woke up- “I had to touch myself.”

It was as if I was arguing with God in my head, “Noo! It goes ‘I had had to catch myself.’”

Something told me to look up the lyrics so I did.

I was floored.

This song all these years that was living in my head rent-free was indeed about masturbation.

I detail this situation to help you realize how mindless we can be when listening to music.

I even somehow convinced myself that the lyrics were different.

If you took the time to look up lyrics to the songs you are listening to and their hidden meanings you would be shocked to realize what is really going on.

What’s interesting is that Tweet had mentioned she came up with the song from watching an episode on Oprah about self-love. She had insecurities with her skin tone and wanted to build herself up in a way.

Ladies, self-love comes from the inside out, not the outside in.

You can do all the outer things such as bubble baths and get your hair and nails done. That is completely fine, but you have to truly put in that work on the inside if you really want to learn how to love yourself.

Is it Really That Deep?

"Monique, I can listen to whatever I want!"

Yes, I agree that’s why God gave us free will.

This particular message is for my young girls out there.

When I was a teenager I was easily influenced to do anything. I started cursing really badly in middle school because people around me were cursing.

I did not have a solid foundation to stand on and I definitely was not rooted in Christ.

With certain songs that you listen to, you have to be mindful of the spirit that is attached to them.

For example, when you listen to a song, there may be a spirit of depression, anger, prostitution, anxiety, or lust attached to it.

You will begin to wonder why you are feeling all these emotions or tempted to do certain things. What you listen to and what you watch are very important.

To avoid this, some people choose not to listen to secular music period. I think this is a personal conviction.

If God is leading you to give up secular music then do it and see what a difference it will make.

Lord knows there are songs I hear that I absolutely fall in love with. Some songs tell a very uplifting story without cursing, provoking violence, causing me to be depressed, or being sexually explicit. And these songs are not necessarily talking about Jesus either.

Look up the lyrics to some of the songs you are listening to and ask yourself if Jesus was in the room, would I be comfortable singing this?