• Monique Renewed

Study Tips: Ways to Improve Your Understanding

Hosea 4:6 NKJV My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.


Studying is like an act of preparation. Whether it’s studying to prepare for a quiz, test, trial, tribulation, spiritual warfare…you get my drift. You have to devote time in order to acquire knowledge. It is then you will be able to discern the right answer among the wrong answers. We often confuse the harsh words of “stupid” or “dumb” for ignorance.

Nobody is stupid or dumb because God gave us all a brain to think with. If you do not know something it is called ignorance, which means lacking knowledge or awareness. Just because you lack the knowledge doesn’t mean you cannot obtain it. You do, however, have to make the choice to be intentional and gain the knowledge that you are lacking. Here are some study tips whether you are studying the Word of God or studying in preparation for something.

1. Foundation- Firstly, what do you already know about the subject? If you are an expert in certain areas of a subject, it will be helpful and more time-efficient to move on to areas that you are not familiar with. Start from what you don’t know and build from there.

2. Memory- Commit some things to memory. Use flashcards if you must. At any given moment you are able to retrieve the information quickly and spot out the truth from the false. It’s all about repetition and speaking the words out loud. When you hear something audibly over and over again, it sticks to you better. Repeat out loud. Add some expression and emotions to it if you will.

3. Application- Studying can be more effective if you can apply what you are learning to your own personal experiences. For example, as Pharmacy Technicians, we have to know drug names- brand and generic. I can easily recall the drug Amoxicillin or Amoxil and what it’s used for because I had to take it once when I had a cold. Create a relationship with what you are studying to your own life. Use actual examples that happened to develop a better understanding. Connect the information that you previously learned to the information that you are learning now. It’s all about creating that link.

4. Summarize- At the end of the of a school day, there’s always that one parent that asks “What did you learn today?” It is beneficial to tell someone in your own words what you have learned, whether that is via small groups or study groups. You give an account to the main ideas that you have retained and display your understanding of it to someone else. The person might be able to give you feedback and insight that you did not realize before. Study groups help to convey your thoughts and ideas to other people and allow other individuals to give you their point of view. There is more knowledge to gain when you understand different perspectives.