• Monique Renewed

The Best Bible for Beginners!

I saw someone on TikTok who would always show up on my timeline reading from this Bible.

She would show how it broke down different concepts with charts, maps, character profiles, and commentary.

It really sold me when it broke down Satan’s plan against us, including doubt, discouragement, diversion, defeat, and delay.

I knew I had to purchase this Bible for myself.

It is really good at gathering facts and information into an easily digestible format.

The Tyndale NLT Life Application Bible is very easy to understand and will help you grasp difficult concepts.

It provides everyday life application practices and correlates scripture to relatable events that happen in our lives.

The purpose of the application is to help us put God’s word into practice to bring about change in our lives.

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Bible Description

  • Green Hardcover

  • Semi-matte paper that I find works well with regular pens but not erasable pens due to skipping.

  • Colorful maps in the back

  • Charts and diagrams that teach certain concepts

  • Cross-references for parallel passages

  • Index, dictionary, concordance

  • Black and white maps throughout

  • Illustrations in green

  • NLT version

  • 3rd edition, No red-letter text

Key Features

At the beginning of each book, is an introduction that includes:

-Summary of important dates

-Key people, verses, events, and facts.

-A timeline that includes other major events in the Bible that took place.

-Bible maps with a description of key areas and their significance.

-Mega themes that give brief details about the major events that took place in the book. For example, the mega themes in Genesis would be beginnings, disobedience, sin, promises, obedience, and Israel.

Harmony of the books of Kings and Chronicles is a timeline that chronologically lists the names of the kings and the prophets of their time.

This lessens confusion between the two books due to the similar events that took place.

Harmony of the Gospels helps you locate the same event that happened in the life of Christ throughout the four Gospels.

For example, it identifies Jesus' temptation in the wilderness in Matthew 4:1-11, Mark 1:12-13, and Luke 4:1-13.

You’ll notice that some headers in the Gospel have a number and if that event happens somewhere else in another book of the gospel it will have the same number.

This is great for comparison purposes.

You also have a list of the parables of Jesus, the miracles He performed, and the prophecies fulfilled as mentioned in the Old Testament and later revealed in the New Testament.

My favorite is the personality profiles. Certain individuals in the Bible have their own profiles, that include strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, mistakes, and lessons we can learn from their lives.

Last but not least is the Christian Worker Resource.

This is a great reference point if you are serious about building your walk with God and helping others.

The How to Become a Christian article describe the basic concepts of God’s purpose of creating you, explains sin, and Jesus’ redemptive work.

It even gives you tips on how to use this Bible if you were to ever be asked to speak on the word of God.

There are so many features in this Bible that make it a great resource for someone who has no knowledge of the Bible and wants to enhance their understanding of God's word.

Pros and Likes

1. The features such as the notes, charts, maps, and diagrams are excellent when doing an in-depth Bible study on a particular topic, verse, or person.

2. There are so many resources in this Bible that make it a one-stop shop. You don’t have to take out another Bible for a concordance or another Bible for study notes or another Bible for Maps. Everything is conveniently in one book.

3. Single columns make it easy on the eyes to read. There are even some areas that have enough space for notes such as the book of Pslams.

4. The charts and diagrams bring everything you read together and allow you to see the bigger picture.

5. The notes are easy to understand and relevant to everyday life concepts. Some people may think the Bible is outdated and irrelevant but the notes do a great job of breaking down everything into a relatable format.

The notes also do a good job explaining verses that may be confusing or questionable

6. The personality profiles give a reference to where the person is mentioned somewhere else in the Bible. This is great if you want to do a study on a particular individual.

The Life Application Bible gives you small details and an overview to develop your comprehension.

Cons and dislikes

1. This Bible is huge because it is so extensive. This is a desk Bible, not a travel Bible.

I don’t mind because I have smaller Bibles I can travel with if need be and there is also a Bible app available on your phone.

2. There are no bookmarks. I find that a Bible this big should have at least two bookmarks maybe even four.

This can be especially useful in a study Bible because you are cross-referencing different pages.

3. The hardcover tore a bit not too long after having the Bible.

4. There is a little bit of ghosting and bleeding even with a Mildliner highlighter.

Overall, I say Tyndale NLT Life Application Study Bible is the best Bible for beginners because it's easy to read and has a plethora of resources to build on your study and comprehension.

If you are on a budget, it saves you money by not buying or referring to separate resources such as a concordance, commentary, and dictionary.

It is everything you need in one book.