• Monique Renewed

The Strangest Phone Call of My Life

Journal Entry from 4/24/2019

So…the strangest thing just happened. A test of my patience, attitude, and endurance. The first thing that came out of the caller’s mouth was “I want to speak to your top management supervisor!” Of course I was not going to transfer him right away without some information first. He began to talk about how the system is broken. He was once working as a successful pharmaceutical rep and now he has to rely on the government.

He said, “If you don’t have money in this world then you are nothing!”

Well anyways, he needed an authorization. I was trying to explain to him that the doctor’s office would have to call us.

He exclaimed, “Can you call?”

Remembering the rules that were implemented, I said, “We are typically not allowed to make outbound calls.”

At this point the caller was yelling at the top of his lungs so loudly, I had to turn the volume down on my phone.

“Then can you get your supervisor to call?”


What I was really thinking in my head is, I am not about to transfer you to a supervisor when most likely, I’ll probably end up calling myself anyways. At this point my heart was racing, my voice was shaking, and my hands were trembling. Why was I scared of this man? I was so upset but I was trying not to let him get to me. I called the first number I had….busy…went back to the caller who was on hold….he gave me another number….I said okay hold on…. He was still arguing mid-sentence when I placed him on hold….oops.

I called the second number which did not sound like the proper location. I thought to myself, this cannot be it. So, I looked up the doctor’s information and found another number. They said they have not seen this person in 6 years! What?! So I called the second number he gave me again and this time I went through the prompts to actually speak to a person, just to make sure this was not the right place.

The receptionist answered. I told her about the caller and his request for an authorization. She knew exactly who I was talking about.

She responded, “I already let him know that the doctor was busy and he could not drop what he was doing just yet.”

“Okay, I’ll let him know.” Strange, he did not inform me of that part.

I get back on the line with the caller and explained everything the receptionist said. He was instantly calm. There was an overwhelming peace that took over the call that I could not explain and I was shocked. The caller went from 1000 to -1 instantly. That never happens.

He calmly said, “Okay, maybe you calling will make a difference.”

I was so perplexed wondering if this was the same person I was speaking to that previously had my adrenaline pumping from his screaming. His next words shook my core so much that even though I had on a headset, I drew my head closer to the actual phone to hear more clearly which made absolutely no sense. The tone of the caller’s voice even changed when he said his last few words. It did not sound like the same person’s voice. I wish I remembered everything he said, but this is what I was able to catch.

He said, “I want you to go to bed tonight knowing that you are a hero. You went above and beyond for humanity's sake. God bless you always.”

I felt like God was speaking through this man to me and I felt it in my spirit. When you know God is speaking to you, you just know. The call did not warrant those types of words. What happened when I woke up the next day from bed proved this incident to be more supernatural than what I thought.

He also mentioned something about me saving a life.

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