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Intrusive Thoughts Series: Sexual Perversion

Leviticus 18 basically says do not have sexual relations with family members, commit adultery (unfaithfulness in marriage), practice homosexuality, offer yourself to animals, and more.


Perversion is the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended. Anything can be perverted, including sex.

Sexuality is God’s invention with the purpose to procreate and to create intimacy between a husband and a wife. Anything outside the original intention of God is perverted and used as an act to distort God’s sacred gifts.

Rules and boundaries are designed with our safety in mind. If there is a fence with a sign that says “Beware of Dog”, you are not going to beyond the boundaries of the fence even though you cannot see the dog in plain sight. The fence and warning signs are there for your protection. The enemy will pervert things such as sexuality in order to draw you further away from God.

Let's Pray

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help me to abide by your word. I realize that I need to resist and overcome temptations and things that are not of you. I know that through your grace, I can surrender my will over to you. I know that you always provide a door out.

Your rules and commands are there to protect me. You place them there out of love for me. Please lead me by your Holy Spirit into your ways that are righteousness. I know that no temptation can overtake me unless I allow it. Thank you for your new mercy and grace that starts brand new every day.

In Jesus name, Amen

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