• Monique Renewed

Top 10 Big Sister Advice

The reason why I was inspired to start my blog and YouTube channel in the first place because when I was a teenager, I would seek advice from books, magazines, pamphlets, and websites.

I loved BeingaGirl.com for relationship, feminine, and lifestyle advice.

If you are a teenage girl who cannot get girly advice from your mom or sister, then I got you lil sis!


1. Speak Up

If you notice something abnormal about your body (unusual itching, burning, weird sensations, discoloration) then speak up!!!

Tell your mother or trusted adult so they can get it checked out for you. Stop self-diagnosing!

You do not have medical education or experience to determine what might be wrong with you.

I would be afraid to speak up if I thought something was off because I was embarrassed or thought I can just bear through it. This can lead to the condition getting worse.

2. Know Your Body

I got this tip from a pamphlet at the doctor’s office (which is another tip; take the free informational pamphlets, you may learn a thing or two.).

They advised that you check your feminine area with a handheld mirror every once in a while, to make sure things are normal.

How else will you know when things are abnormal if you don’t know what normal looks like?

Check for things like swelling, inflammation, irritation, bumps, etc.

3. Less is Best

Stop putting excessive products on your feminine area.

My gyno informed me to just rinse the inner parts with water. You can also use unscented bar soap for the surface area.

There is no need for douches or special cleanses that can cause irritation and throw off your ph.

She also advises sleeping at night without underwear to allow air circulation.

Frugal Beauty Tips

4. Do it Yourself

As the pandemic has already proven, it is best to learn how to do regular beauty maintenance for yourself. However, certain things such as a good haircut or color treatment should be left to the professionals.

I learned how to braid my hair in middle school simply by practicing and watching others. By the time I got to high school, I was doing my own braids and even had people asking me to do their hair.

Who knows, you might be able to make some money from a skill you learned ;)

Nowadays, there are plenty of video tutorials that teach you how to do your own hair, makeup, nails, and hair removal.

It’s nice to have things done for you every once and a while and even nicer to save some coins.

5. Be Efficient

Save time and money by doing certain steps outside of the shower.

Follow these steps on wash days:

1. Add deep conditioner to hair and detangle

2. Braid your hair loosely

3. Deep condition with heat for better penetration

4. With the braids still in your hair, rinse and wash with shampoo

5. Add a quick conditioner to your hair while you wash up, then rinse

6. Takedown braids and style as usual.

With these steps, you have deep conditioned and detangled your hair outside of the shower, saving time and money!

I use to spend so much time detangling my hair in the shower with running water, it was ridiculous!

Your parents and the environment will thank you for the lower water bill and you won’t be spending hours on wash day.

You can also use this technique with shaving.

Shave your legs and the rest of your body outside of the shower to conserve water. You can fill up a water pail to rinse your razor as you go.

6. Natural beauty hacks

Research some natural beauty hacks that you can incorporate into your routine.

Major companies manufacture products that are made from the same ingredients you can find in your cabinet.

Why not save a few bucks and make it yourself?

For example

Turmeric and honey for skin hyperpigmentation.

Baking soda and coconut oil for teeth whitening

Avocados, eggs, and mayo for deep conditioning your hair

There are countless DIY beauty products you can research.


7. Do it Now or Pay the Cost Later

Get a handle on your emotions now.

As a teenager, I did not know how to regulate my emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, and fear. This is something I am trying to learn now.

There is no shame in getting counseling if you need it.

Unfortunately, if you have been through trauma or adversities, you are left with the responsibility of “fixing” yourself.

You can do plenty of things to cope such a reading and applying the Word of God, listening to the Holy Spirit when He advises you to do something, and using positive affirmations to reverse negative thought processes.

8. Get to Know God to Know Yourself

A lot of teenagers are searching for their identity, purpose, and answers about life that can only be answered by God.

You have to know Him first because He knows you inside and out. I mentioned in my insecurity blog that God was the one who revealed who I was in Him.

I feel like this is why a lot of us tend to be lost in the world because we are looking for validation, approval, companionship, and someone to fill our voids. These things can only be fulfilled in Christ.

You need to build your personal relationship with Him because no human is going to be able to satisfy all your needs that you are yearning for.

9. Mentorship

Find a mentor or good role model you can look up to. We naturally learn by example from what we see and hear.

Find a leader who you can relate to. This is someone who usually has been through some things themselves and can help you out of a pit.

One person I really admire is Joyce Meyer.

She was abused as a child and went through the process of God transforming her life and eventually became an extraordinary Bible teacher.

She is very easy to understand and transparent. Joyce is an example of someone who has been through adversities and overcame them.

10. Journaling

Does anyone remember those diaries with the lock pad? I had one in middle school.

My last piece of advice is to journal. I started journaling when I began my relationship with God and still do every once in a while when I needed to unpack my mind.

It was interesting to look back read my deepest thoughts that I was too scared to tell anyone.

I am a huge advocate for journaling because it is good documentation for growth.