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What You Actually Need in Your Hospital Bag For Labor and Delivery Check List

For some of us giving birth during a pandemic is a brand-new experience and we want to be prepared. I had the privilege of giving birth to my daughter during the pandemic and it was a fairly smooth process.

I am now detailing to you mommies out there who are soon preparing for delivery what you will actually need in your hospital bag now that I have experienced first-hand what I needed and did not need.

Be sure to check out my video for more information related to my experience and to know why I said certain things are optional or required.

My best advice is to also check the hospital you are staying at for information related directly to your stay.

Check your hospital for COVID protocols such as if your partner can go in and out of the hospital, whether or not you need a COVID test, and if masks are required to be worn during delivery and around personnel.

Here is a checklist with the essentials:

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__Face cleanser, lotion, toner

__Shower gel

__Hair ties and headbands

__Comb, brush

__Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, mouth wash

__Chapstick, light makeup

__Nipple cream (Breastfeeding hurts!)

__Underwear Pads


__Button up pajamas during stay (optional)

__Nursing bras

__Robe (optional)

__Masks (required)

__Slippers, flip flops for the shower

__Socks (Hospital socks may be too big)

__Going home outfit- loose fitted




__Clothes for 2-3 days


__Blanket, pillow



__Small cooler (optional, communal fridge)


__Laptop/iPad, chargers



__Tripod- (If you plan to record)



__Nursing pillow (optional, but super convenient!)

__Going home outfit

__Picture outfit, picture accessories

__Car seat

__Mittens, hats, socks, receiving blankets

__Optional pacifier with clip, bottle, bottled water, and formula for the road (just in case)

__Manual pump (optional, long trip?)


__License, insurance card, payment for the birth certificate (May require a check)

__Hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes

What's Normally Provided

(You may need extras for at home)

  • Mesh underwear- loose fitting

  • Pads- wingless

  • Dermoplast spray

  • Witch Hazel Pads

  • Perineal cold pack

  • Sitz bath

  • Perineal irrigation bottle

  • Electronic pump during stay- Check with the hospital

  • Blankets, hat, diapers, wipes during stay

  • Baby clothes, pacifier, formula (esp. if NICU baby)


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